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CR Carving began through a community volunteer project to expand and improve running trails in a local park. Highland Hills Park is located in Fort Thomas Kentucky and  is the home coarse for the Highlands High School Bluebirds Cross Country Team. While expanding the trails many of the diseased and dying ash trees had to be cut down for safety. The remaining stumps were the canvases for carving. This took a negative event and added something special to the trails. Every so often a new carving will be created.

Highland Hills Park Trails Carving Scavenger Hunt 
Answer Guide
  1. Brian the Gnome is located on James/color red
  2. Squirrel is located on Mayfield/color orange
  3. Fox is located on Mayfield/color orange
  4. Wood spirit face is located on Mayfield/color orange
  5. Cardinal is located on Cardinal/color yellow
  6. Owl is located on Cardinal/color yellow
  7. Wizard is located on Cardinal color yellow, near forest
  8. Sitting Alien, (9) Peace Alien and (10) Alien with the Rabbit are all located on Ohio/ color purple
We will update when new carvings are added to the trails!

Fundraising is an essential part of CR Carving. 

We are very thankful for all of the support of our friends and community. We show this appreciation by giving back. One way we do this is by creating carvings for fundraising. Contact us to see if we can help your cause.

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