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Mother Nature

This carving is 9 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter at the base. Mother Nature was created for the Campbell County Extension Office in Highland Heights Kentucky. She has 15 animals native to Kentucky surrounding her.

Groot and Friends

The customers couldn't make up their minds about carving Groot or two raccoons. I convinced them that I could do both. With the carving near completion the customer mentioned how he loves turtles. So, one just happened to appear in the carving. 

Thank you Highlands High School, Fort Thomas Kentucky, Film and Broadcasting department for putting these videos together. They are an amazing groups of students. Check out their YouTube channel!

This video shows what happens when you come across the unexpected. This carving is a logo carving for Go-Getter Tree Service. They requested a squirrel. The squirrel is holding an acorn. During the carving process of the acorn there was a knot in the center. Unfortunately the knot was loose and fell out. This created a hole in the center of the acorn. I was able to carve it out enough to add in a LED light that changes color and is remote controlled. 

This is my first eagle. The customer requested just an eagle. Sometimes you just can't help yourself. I added in the flag. Each star is carved into the would, not just painted on. The customer was thrilled!

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