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This picture on the left is the top half of an antique carved wooden chair. The story behind the chair is that the client, Michael has had the chair ever since he was a young boy. He would read and play on the chair. How Michael came to have the chair is also a very interesting story. In 1918 Michael's grandfather died due to the "Spanish Flu". His grandmother was forced to leave the family farm and move to the city. She became a caretaker for a gentleman. The chair belonged to the man and he had it on the back porch. When the man passed away he left the house to Michael's grandmother. It was too much for her to take care of so they sold the house, but kept the chair. Though Michael loved the chair his younger brother was scared of the chair and would hardly go into the same room. They call it the "Old Man" chair. The chair brings such good memories to Michael he wanted a similar carving in a tree. This carving faces Michael's home office. The carving is in a living tree. This is a bit unusual in that we usually carve into tree stumps or logs. Before carving we consulted a tree expert to make sure that it wouldn't harm the tree. The tree will heal and become the artist. Adding the finishing touches to the carving as the healing process ends.

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